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For the epic force with which he has traced themes and depicted human destinies drawn from the history of his country, Ivo Andrić received Nobel Prize for Literature in 1961.
He expressed his gratitude in the speech „O priči i pričanju“ (“About story and telling”) for the recognition that he was allocated, 10 December 1961. Although by then his works was translated into many languages, but after the award began a great interest in work of this Balkans writer. His novels and short stories were printed in over thirty languages.
The full amount of the Nobel Prize he donated in two parts to libraries Fund of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition, he participates in activities for help libraries and gives money to charity.

In 1963, Publishers' Association (composed of publishers: Prosveta, Mladost, Svjetlost, state of Slovenia) issued the first Collected Works of Ivo Andric in ten volumes. Next year stay in Poland in Krakow, where he was promoted to honorary doctor Jagiellonian University. He didn’t write much anymore, but his books constantly reprinting in the country and abroad.



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