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The slogan Slav South to Czech Friends which was the motto of the concert of Goran Bregovic and his Orchestra for Weddings and Funerals could be used again for yet another big endeavor of the association Lastavica: the collected works of Ivo Andric in six books. It was originally the idea of a businessman Milutin Peric who wanted to give his favourite author’s books as a gift to his business friends only to find out that no Andric’s books could be found and bought. In 1987 the works of Andric were published in three books by the Gallery of Classics, Odeon publishers, and were sold out. Since then none of Andric’s books have been published in Czech. Mr. Peric did his best to offer the works of the only Yugoslav Nobel Prize laureate to Czech readers. Thanks to him, we have the most extensive collection of Ivo Andric’s works ever to be published in Czech.

The first two books are well known novels The Bridge on the Drina and Travnik Chronicle. The novel The Woman from Sarajevo which was firstly published in 1947 under the title Slecna dela penize (A Woman making money) and was staged by the Czech TV with an excellent Gabriela Vranova in the leading role is in the new translation attached to the first book Jelena, the Woman of My Dream which is a selection of stories featuring mostly tragic women heroes. The novella The Damned Yard is in the second book of stories under the title The Vizier’s Elephant. This second book concentrates on Andric’s favourite characters the Franciscans or some other strange characters of another religion in author’s native Bosnia and Herzegovina.





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